Mercedes Benz Actros 2640 6x4 Rigid

Mercedes Benz Actros Mercedes Benz Actros

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  • Model: OM470
    Engine Power: 400 hp
    Mercedes PowerShift 3 provides fast shifting from forward to reverse and high-ratio reverse
    gears for easy manoeuvring. Moving off is noticeably more comfortable thanks to the crawl function.
  • The innovative rear axle guide also plays a decisive role in the excellent handling: compared with a conventional wishbone, the connection points of the two trailing arms are positioned further towards the outside. This results in
    the best possible transverse stability, little need for corrective steering and very good understeer/oversteer characteristics.
  • All the suspension elements in the Actros Rigid range are precisely tuned to one another: from the seats to the cab mountings to the 8-bellow air suspension at the rear axle – the overall result is a high degree of suspension comfort for the workplace and a ride which helps protect both the vehicle and its cargo.
  • Actros Rigid range can be equipped with a tank capacity of up to 580 litres. This makes for a long operating range and saves money by avoiding the need to retrofit add-on tanks.
  • Type: The frames of the Actros Rigid range are uncompromisingly geared to use in distribution transport.
    The 834 mm wide track and the stable, assured design ensure good roadholding and comfortable handling.
    Other advantages include the 50 mm matrix of predrilled holes throughout as well as a large range of
    wheelbases, frame overhangs and end cross members.
    Cab Options: • M-Cab ClassicSpace
    2.3 320mm ET
    The 2300 mm-wide cab with 320 mm engine tunnel and 2000 mm length is suitable for almost every operation.
    Plenty of storage behind the seats and an option for a fold down bunk if needed.
    • L-Cab ClassicSpace
    2.3 320mm ET
    The comfortable 2300 mm-wide cab offers the driver an ergonomic, comfortable workplace and is ideally designed to meet the requirements of regional and interstate transport.
  • Wheelbase: 5500 mm
  • Warranty:
    • 4 year, 800,000 km driveline warranty
    • 2 year, unlimited km bumper to bumper
    • 5 year, 500,000 km free servicing
    • Agility, Service Plans and Maintenance
    Contracts all available
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Mercedes Benz
    Dealer for:
    Detailed information
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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